MM T4 S3

Predict: I predict that i will have to find a missing number.

Read: 8 x ? = 56

Clarify: I had no words or phrased to clarify.

BIG Question: What is the missing number?

Tool: Work backwards

Solve: To solve this I did the equation 56 ÷ 8 = 7. Therefore 8 x 7 = 56

Summary: I had to work backwords and i found this question very simple


MM T4 S2


Predict: I predict that i will have to find a missing number.

Read: ? ÷ 5 = 9

Clarify: I had no words or phrases to clarify.

BIG Question: What number goes in the first slot?

Tool: Work Backwards

Solve: to solve this question I used the inverse operation of ÷ which is x. So then all I need to do is reverse the order of the numbers and solve the equation. 9 x 5 = 45.

Summary: This was a simple question and I used the working backwards strategie.

MM T4 S1

Predict: I predict this question will be about chance.

Read:What is the probability the spinner will land on five? Spinner numbers contain 1 2 3 4 5.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians toolbox: Have seen a similar problem?

Big question: What is the chance that the spinner will land on five?

Solve: First I  saw that all the numbers had equal chances so the 5 had a 1 out of 5 chance that the spinner would land in it.

Conclusion: In conclusion I used the strategy of have I seen a similar problem to get 1 out of 5 of 1/5.

100 WC #7



I followed behind Mya and climbed through the same window. We were in the science classroom. As I caught up to Mya and couldn’t believe the smell. It was a strong smell of chemicals and seaweed, weird combination. “Do you smell that?” I asked Mya. “No?” she replied. “Seriously?! It smells so bad!” I say, confused as to why she can’t smell it. “I think you’re going crazy.” She said. “No, maybe your nostrils are blocked, cause it STINKS!” I say. I start looking around to see if I can find where it’s coming from. I couldn’t find anything.


My Little Pony, first it was a toy and now an animated series, with a surprisingly huge fan base. Each pony is colourful and has its own personality and purpose. With all the ‘girly-ness’ you would think that it was for little girls. But no, a huge majority of the fans are boys with the ages ranging from 8 years old, to higher than 17.

When you walk into a toy store there is a boy section, which is usually full of blue and dark colours and the girl section being full of pink and bright colours. And it’s not hard to guess what gender My Little Pony is for. But boys decided to stand against the stereotype and create a MLP fandom, they call themselves Bronies.


In 1901 when Australia became a federation, Sir Edmund Barton –the Prime Minister at the time- announced a competition to design a new flag for Australia. There were almost 33 thousand entries but the flag that won, was the one that we use today. It was officially unveiled on the 3rd of September 1901, and that date is now known as National Flag Day. Special events are held all over Australia, at Parliament House in Canberra kids got to hold an actual flag that’ll fly on top of parliament house.

Our flag includes the Union Jack, which is the UK flag; it is there to acknowledge the history of the British settlement. Then there is the Southern Cross, a constellation that can always been seen from Australia and a six pointed star to represent each of the six states, with an extra point added later to represent the territories.

But now the flag is 113 years old and some people are wondering if it is time for a new one.

What do you think?

100WC #6

“Quickly, run!” Mya says, waiting for me to follow her. “Mya I don’t think this is a very good idea” I say looking around at the dark filled school entrance; it is so dark I can only see the outline of Mya’s body. Somehow Mya had convinced me to break into the school, why are we breaking in? I have no idea, she just told me to wait and see. “Of course it is a bad idea, that’s why we are doing it” she replied. She slides up a classroom window and pulls herself through it. I don’t follow, but I see her turn the lights on, suddenly I can see again. The light from inside helped me find my way to Mya. Why am I doing this?

100WC #5

First day of school here I come. Today is my first day of high school, I have mixed emotions. I’m nervous, excited, scared, and happy, it’s crazy! I walk through the halls of my new school, as I looked around I saw no familiar faces. Just many other people that are probably feeling the same way as I am right now. I see a few people dropping their books as they are nervous and rushing, but its really only slowing them down. Some people looks nice and some just look like the type of people I don’t want to be around. Bring on this school year.

100 WC #4

I have this fantasy world where everything is opposite and jumbled up. Let me tell you about it. There are pepper water oceans that are a shade of brown with hungry orange crocodiles that swim around. And every time you climb a tree you just want to fall asleep like Alice once did, why you ask? Because the trunk, branches and leaves are so soft and fluffy just like your favourite teddy. Oh and I almost forgot the flying pigs THAT YOU CAN RIDE, I know right how cool. If only my crazy imagination was real. But let’s just take away the pepper sea because no one wants that!

100 WC #3

“What is the point of this bridge? Why is it even considered a bridge! It just ends right in the middle of the water! It doesn’t take you anywhere! You could just be strolling along then BAM you’re flying into the water! And gosh knows what’s in there!” I ramble to my mother as we walk along this “bridge” in Avignon, France. Mum calls it art, I call it dumb. What happened did the builders get tired and couldn’t be bothered finishing it or did they fall off as they “were strolling along”. I am really very confused about why this “bridge” was built.