Orientation Day Recount



On the 9th of December I had my year 7 orientation day. I got to the school at 8:45 and was greeted by 3 kids that already go to the school. They told me my home group and how to get to the gym. Luckily I wasn’t alone, I had Lydia and Layla. When we got to the gym we sat behind cones in our home group. There were a lot of other kids from other schools, and I knew some of them.

In the gym we met the principal and our year level coordinator. They talked about what we were going to do and what will happen on the first day of school in 2015. Then we walked off with our teachers to our classroom.

In the classroom we talked about the timetable for the day. We were given a booklet about next year and a timetable that we had to fill in. First up we had an English test, then recess, after that we had drama, then lunch and after that we had a maths test and then Italian.  In home group we also were given a sheet to fill out about ourselves. The questions we like, favourite singer, favourite movie, email, full name, how we are feeling. We were told that we would be given them back at the end of year 12, to see how we have changed.

After home group we had an English test, we had to read 7 small stories and answer questions about them. I found it kind of easy, but some questions confused me. After the test it was recess, we went to the year 7 area and ate, some people lined up for the canteen.

When recess finished my class had drama. I really enjoyed drama. We played a game called wax figures. In that game we had to be statues and 2 “security guards” had to move us around, when they weren’t looking we could move ourselves or we could tag them and we would become the guards. We also acted out a Christmas scene from the Simpsons, it was really funny. I Played Lisa. After that it was lunch.

Once lunch finished we had a maths test, it was surprisingly easy. Then to end of the day we had Italian, in Italian we talked about what we had learnt in previous years. We also played number bingo, which I failed at. And after round 1, we learnt the animals and played bingo with animals. I also failed at that.

Then it was time to go home, I really enjoyed the day and I am excited for next year.

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