Australians are teaching kids in Bangladesh a very important lesson that many kids won’t get the chance to or take it for granted. They are teaching them to swim. The aim of this program is to save lives and to teach them how to save lives at the beach.

Swimming lessons are important in countries like Bangladesh and India because the drowning risk is bigger than you might realise.

The World Health Organisation has found out that more than 372 thousand lives are lost to drowning each year.  This is in mostly parts of South East Asia and Africa. That’s around 42deaths every hour every day.

In some parts of the world its normal to see kids playing around rivers and ponds, etc. without adults watching them. And many of them grow up not knowing how to swim. They may not have been able to afford lessons or they might not be experienced people who could teach them.

Drowning has become a worldwide problem and the World Health Organisation is planning on doing something about it. They are asking the governments and local communities worldwide to work together and come up with different ways to teach kids how to swim, also safety and rescue skills.

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