In the UK, they are strict with kids skipping school. Students use to be allowed to take their birthdays off. But not anymore, some schools are fining parents for keeping their kids out of school. Without a good reason. Being sick is obviously a good excuse. But what about a dentist appointment or you have to spend time with a family member that isn’t well?  Or perhaps you’re going on a family holiday. Where do you think the line should be drawn?

Research found that Aussie kids skip school more than students from anywhere else in the world do. If you miss 3 weeks of school per year, that is like missing half a year of school by grade 6. But some people think that taking a day off here and there is okay, if you have a good reason. They say taking kids on a holiday still allows them to learn. While other kids say they can easily catch up on their work or continue working while away.

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