Pet rabbits cannot be kept in Queensland and if you’re caught with one you could be given a 44 thousand dollar fine or be sent to jail! It is one of the toughest bunny law in the world. Why are the rules so strict? Why can you keep a pet bunny anywhere in Australia but not Queensland?

For a long time rabbits were huge pests in Australia. They were brought over by some European settlers and were released for hunting. The numbers soon exploded.  They son came a nightmare to famers, destroying crops and native plants.

Over the years we have built fences, destroyed their burrows and poisoned them. In 1950 scientist found a virus that only effected rabbits called ‘myxomatosis’  it got quick results, wiping out millions. But some rabbits came resistant. So a new virus was introduced called ‘calicivirus’ was used. All of these have helped Queensland to bring its rabbit problem under control. Most people agree that feral rabbits are the problem, while not everyone thinks pet ones are.

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