There are two exclusive club meetings in Australia right now. The important one is called the G20 and his year it is meeting in Brisbane. The group is made up of 19 countries, plus a representative from the European Union and only the most powerful countries are invited. The 19 countries who are members together represent two thirds of the world’s population and 85% of the worlds money.

Why are the meetings exclusive?

Sometimes, if you have too many in a club it can be hard to make decisions. At the G20 there are allot of important issues to discuss.

They deal with some of the biggest issues facing the world. Topics that are often mentioned are trade, jobs, energy and inequality among others. Coming to an agreement on big issues isn’t always easy and disagreements can happen at G20 too.

Big decisions can come out of G20 meetings and a lot of the things they agree  on relates to the future.

We did hear that there are some benefits to only inviting certain countries to the G20. But there are probably many other countries that would love to be a part of it.

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